About Bugaty

The Bugaty.com website is more than just your regular site that you browse, pay visit to or share with your friends. It is an opportunity. Opportunity to reach your goals, establish a safe environment online, or find a product that you like and purchase. Our team consists of people who are in a constant and on-going journey for developing new methods of trading activity. The question is, what can you find on this website, that isn’t already on the internet? A well-developed structure of the site and a team of hard-working people is just the basis of our input, towards the global virtual world of the Internet.

What we provide is fast, precise work, following a safe procedure for money transfer when purchasing or selling a product. Whether you are a seller or simply a buyer who can’t seem to get to grips to get what he wants, our company will make sure it merges the possibility of meeting your needs with a buyer and seller on a way-over satisfactory level. Sellers of all branches and professions, can exploit the overwhelming offers of what the website can provide. Freed from censorship and processional fees, Globsucceed.com is about uniting the buyer and the seller in an environment which is safe and customer-oriented. .

What makes us different

Being in the second decade of the 21st century, people might say we are turning into a “global village”. That is exactly what this website is about. It’s about you, me and the community, and the means and effort we put into, to get the job done and set the record straight. No more worries for the buyers for over-added fees Simple, free and fast registration for sellers, No marketing commission, No procession fees. This is a place where effort is appreciated and plans don’t backfire Seize the chance, open yourself to a great new experience. The Bugaty Community welcomes you.

Our Mission

We want to provide an innovative way of communicating, doing business and debating with like-minded people that will be presented as a community. Bugaty are committed to meet all our user’s needs.

One of our ambitions is to become the most affordable, accessible and inclusive open business market place website for all our users and clients. We try to keep our site simple, free of charge, and effective for all our members..

Our Founder's

Iffy and Ieva Olebunne are the founders of Bugaty.com. They have two children and live a happy life. By working relentlessly and supporting each other they achieved a lot as a young married couple.

Iffy Olebunne is a graduated Electrical Engineer. However, soon after graduating he realized that it wasn’t the right fit for him, and with the help of his wife he started getting into writing and working as an online entrepreneur. His effort and dedication to become a professional in the field of writing did not go unrewarded. He spent time learning the skills necessary to succeed as an online entrepreneur studying the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development and other techniques that would serve him as tools in his craft.

Iffy continuously progressed as a web developer and SEO specialist and after the hard work he gladly accomplished, success was inevitable.

He believes that prioritizing your family is the most important thing in the world, and selects hard work and determination as the key elements of success. Ieva believes that failure exists for the purpose of learning. With a degree in English literacy, she followed the footsteps of her husband and started working as a content writer for multiple blogs.


She was working from home whilst taking care of her daughters. Along the way of finding her passion Ieva didn’t stop dreaming about owning her own business. After establishing different types of businesses, including the creation of a social application, the import and sales of international clothing as well as opening a small bakery shop, Ieva finally found her passion. As the pinnacle of her career arrived, she and her husband worked on a new project and now they introduce us the platform of Globsucceed.com that would help people unveil their potential, creativity, and ideology and achieve their goals

Ieva believes in building a community of dreamers and doers. The idea behind her project is to provide people with a portal to discuss potentially successful business proposals and also gain advice. She says that the support of her husband fuels her and gives her the necessary courage to overcome the challenges that lay ahead