Policeman Custom Lapel Pins No Minimum
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Posted: 8 months ago
Location: Juva,Southern Savonia,Finland
Property size: 10 rooms, 1 m2, 5 ft2
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Policeman Custom Lapel Pins No Minimum is the figure of a male cop, the policeman on lapel pin wears a blue uniform and a black tie and with a serious expression. The whole lapel pin makes us feel stem and solemn, a little lapel pin also can offer people a sense of security. People can wear the policeman lapel pin when you are dream to be a policeman to remind you or you are already one to represent your job.

Policeman Custom Lapel Pins No Minimum is soft enamel pin. The surface will be shiny. as for the job lapel pin, the shiny surface is very helpful to build a high-grade feeling. The lapel pin also cam make firemen, sportsmen, and other careers.

We can offer custom career lapel pin only by your photo, and offer lapel pins no minimum, so it is ok if you just wanna small quantities for your job, please contact us if you also wanna your own career lapel pin. 



Hard Enamel Lapel Pins for Pretty Boy




 Size: 1"

     Thickness: 1.2mm

     Style: Soft Enamel Pins

     Finish: Dye Black Finish

     Attachments: Butterfly Clutch

Packaging: Individual Polybag


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