Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy for Sale
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Posted: 8 months ago
Location: Manchester,Greater Manchester,United Kingdom
Brand: powerhouse golf
Condition: New
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The Powerhouse Titan Elite is the flagship golf buggy in the Titan Series engineered to deliver unrivalled power, performance and comfort of any single seated golf buggy. The Titan Elite uses the basic framework of the Powerhouse Titan but comes fully loaded with additional upgrades that make this a truly fantastic performing buggy with no limitations. The buggy comes with lithium power, meaning the Titan Elite requires just one 18-27 hole lithium battery creating a significant weight and space saving from typical lead acid batteries. The highly powerful lithium battery is further enhanced by the introduction of our new controller that increases the power output of the motor by a massive 39%! With this engineering you therefore have an extremely powerful buggy more than capable of tackling the heaviest longest golf courses.


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  • - 18-27 Hole Lithium battery delivers exceptional power - New controller for 39% extra motor output - Fully automatic brakes - Conventional Steering Wheel Column - Foot Pedal speed control - 'Twisting' Chassis - Fully dismantles - Steel gears for extended durability
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